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Time puts dreams to a test.

Bartek wanted to guide planes. He somehow managed to fulfil his dream, in a manner of speaking. He guides tours now. Thanks to this, he travels around the world and does not sit at a desk. He lives out his dreams. Wife, children? The time will come. In this profession it is not easy to stabilize.

What about Robert?

He used to be the hell of a roly-poly. His friends even called him Ro-Po. A jovial guy, everyone liked him. All sweetness and light. Today he inks people in his tattoo studio. He also runs. Who would have thought? Ro-Po as a marathon runner? This year he is getting ready to run an ultramarathon of 80 km. They both decided to conclude the meeting with a tattoo inspired by their passions. First, however, they will finish beer and their stories; so many of them have accumulated…