Browar Gdańsk PG4

Podwale Grodzkie 4

80-895, Gdańsk

Tel.: +48 58 351 09 10

Tel.: +48 539 545 686

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PG4 Brewery is a place inspired by the rich culture of beer and tradition of brewing a golden beverage in Gdańsk.

We would like to resurrect the JOPEN beer, which was a Gdańsk speciality produced at least since 1449. It was brewed by Johannes Hevelius himself.

In our offer we have various types of beers referring not only to the Gdańsk tradition of Pils, Starogdanskie, Munich Dark, Wheat, Witbier, but also to other beers from all over Europe.

  • History

    Gdańsk has been the brewing centre of this part of Europe for centuries.

    Already in the 13th century there were hundreds of small breweries producing craft beers. All of them were united by the very wealthy and influential Brewers' Guild.

  • Brewer


    The main brewer in the PG4 Restaurant Brewery is a German – Dipl.

    Braumeister Johannes Herbeg currently living in Gdańsk. He gained his experience in countries such as Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the USA.

  • Education

    The oldest and most frequently consumed alcoholic beverage and the third most popular beverage in the world after water and tea.

    In general, beer is a beverage containing alcohol and carbon dioxide obtained from the alcoholic fermentation of malt with the addition of water and hops catalysed by selected strains of yeast.